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Housing microfinance: Loans for better homes

The Kuyasa Fund is a social development organization that uses microfinance as a tool for improving the housing conditions of South Africa?s poor communities.

In order to meet our vision, Kuyasa provides microfinance services to South African home owners who are excluded from formal finance, in the belief that improving the quality of housing adds essential social value and because no other appropriate sources of housing finance are available to low-income households.

Our clients, who earn under R3 500 a month or are informally employed, are eligible for loans of up to R10 000 for use in improving their housing situation. Clients are encouraged to use the funds for renewable energy products such as solar water heaters, stoves, and lamps along with general renovations: tiling, tubing, electricfication, plastering, painting, fencing, flooring, and structural extensions.


Client Profiles

Informally employed or pensioners: 84%

Earning between R0 and R1,500: 38%

Earning below R3,500 per month: 42%

Average family size: 5

Average house size: 60m

Impact Stats

Total Value of Loans Disbursed: R 293 312 482

Total Number of Loans Issued: 31094

Total Number of Clients:42 328

Average Loan Amount: R 5500

Percentage of Female Clients:74 %

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